56 Side Hustles from Home

Here are over 50 ideas for making money online – and they’re all side hustles from home

Criteria for choosing these side hustles from home

  • You must be able to work from anywhere you want
  • Low start-up costs and overheads
  • Few starter skills which you can learn quickly if required
  • Make money online only – nothing that takes you away from your laptop (like dog walking, pet sitting or being in your car to deliver food or passengers)

A survey from Insuranks found that 93% of Americans had a side hustle in 2023. That includes a whopping 52% of millennials but only 9% of boomers. On average, they earned $777 in extra cash each month – often taking up just a few hours a week of their free time. Trends show that people are more likely to buy from older people, deemed more trustworthy, so us midlifers are missing out! There have never been more opportunities to escape the rat race.

The top 5 most common side hustles are:

The top 4 are all online ideas you could choose to start your own side hustle tomorrow. And here are over 50 more.

1. Online Customer Service Assistant/Text Chat Operator

For now, remote customer service jobs are very common – for both phone and text support. However, AI is probably coming for them some day. Pay rates will depend on which company you work for (and, of course, how many hours you work), earning $10 – $20/hour for phone and $6 – $16/hour for text support. You’ll primarily assist customers with product and service questions. Some jobs may involve data entry, technical support or specialized skills in a given field.

The hiring process is similar to that of other remote jobs. Search on sites like Indeed.com and Remote.co.


  • This offers a more flexible schedule: you can usually choose your hours, fitting them around other priorities.
  • With so many companies offering round-the-clock support, you can often opt to work nights.

2. Resume Writer

Writing a great resume is a skill. Because the stakes are high with any new job search, people will often reach for the experts. If you know about recruitment and what companies are looking for, you could earn anywhere from $30 to $100 if you include a cover letter.

Sign up for one of the freelance sites, like Upwork or Fiverr, and list your services to find clients. To build a portfolio and profile reviews, people tend to be more competitive and set their prices at the low end to begin with.


  • You can set your own hours to complete the work as long as you can reply to client messages swiftly during the day.
  • If you’re good at writing eye-catching copy, you could change people’s lives!
An example of a gaming screen seen on Twitch showing what the platform looks like

3. Start a Twitch Stream

Twitch is a community for live streaming. While most people stream gaming, there are lots of other options, like cooking, walking, playing music or even just chatting. The more viewers that your live streams consistently bring in, the more revenue you can earn.

It’s a slow burn building an audience, but it can be worthwhile – if you can average 100 viewers per stream, you can earn around $1,000 per month.

You’ll need some streaming equipment, such as a camera and a microphone, but you can pick these up for $100 – $200. To create your stream is free, and revenue from subscribers to your channel is split evenly between you and Twitch.


  • There are multiple ways to earn money through Twitch when you start. You can receive donations from viewers, mention Amazon products and include affiliate links to them.
  • Once you’ve been active on Twitch for a while, you can join the Twitch Affiliate Program, unlocking additional monetization features, like running ads.

4. Voiceover Artist

This is a more fun side hustle idea, but plenty of people make extra money from it. Getting representation from a voiceover agency is really tough. It’s incredibly competitive, and there are already plenty of out-of-work actors lining up ahead of you. However, you don’t need to be a pro – there are lots of sites that allow newcomers to join (for free), like Voices and Backstage. Set up your profile, and you can receive an email whenever someone posts an ad that matches your profile. If the job appeals, usually you have to record part of their script as a demo and email it to the client to hear. If you get the gig, you just need to record the whole script and get paid.

I’ve voiced radio commercials in the past and have been paid thousands for half an hour’s ‘work’… but sometimes just tens for the same amount of work! What can I say, it’s a very uneven living. Certainly, for beginners, fees tend to start at a more modest $20 per job but can rise to four figures.

You will need some equipment. However, if you’re thinking of starting a podcast, you can use the same microphone (starting at around $100) and recording and editing software (Audacity is free) as above.


  • The voiceover market is growing, with an ever-increasing proliferation of categories, from video games to podcast intros and TikTok videos to train announcements (I’ve recorded these before).
  • Once you’ve been paid for a few jobs, you can put a showreel together and begin applying to the big voiceover agencies – that’s where the real money is.
  • Most voiceover scripts are short. If you nail it in the first few takes, you can be done in minutes.
  • You can make good money eventually, though it can be unreliable

5. Content Editor

If you have strong writing skills and a great eye for detail, content editing is a bit like proofreading. The difference is that you’ll rewrite content to align with your client’s style/brand guidelines, tone of voice and appropriate length – as well as the requisite tidying up, polishing, and picking up any spelling and grammatical errors before publication. You might also be asked to optimize it for SEO and upload it to your client’s website.

These are things you can learn before you offer your services. A background in media, marketing, advertising or publishing will help you.

You’ll need some examples of your work to show clients, so start creating a portfolio. And once you’ve got your first couple of clients, you can include this paid work, which should make it easier to get more clients.

You can find clients on freelance sites like Fiverr and Upwork, as well as with publishers and online and media companies.


  • Content editors often work with minimal supervision and greater autonomy.
  • This level of independence gives you greater freedom to set your own hours.
Examples of social media networks like Facebook, Instagram and X

6. Social Media Manager

If you’ve got some experience controlling social media channels, get paid for creating and managing a business or website’s social media presence. As you would expect, duties will include creating and scheduling engaging posts, managing comments, promoting products to build awareness, and growing user engagement and followers.

Different businesses use different channels, so you may not need to have a thorough understanding of all platforms. However, you will need to know how to create engaging content.

You can earn anywhere from hourly rates of $15 – $50 to monthly retainers of $1,000 –  $1,500 for each client, depending on experience.


  • You can use what you learn to implement other people’s websites in your own business later.
  • You can take on multiple projects at once, even outsourcing work to cheaper VAs (Virtual Assistants) you trust.

7. Social Media Creator

If you know how to create content on social media that goes viral, you can make money from it. As the description suggests, going viral means eyeballs… lots of eyeballs. You’ll need high-volume views to make money, but in return, that income can also be high. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram and TikTok have creator programs that let you monetize content, like how-to videos, entertainment shorts and sponsored content.


  • Very low – or no – upfront costs, as platforms are free to join and you can upload unlimited content.
  • Most platforms give you access to their own post and video creation tools for free.
  • There are lots of creative ways to earn extra cash on these platforms, like partnering with brands and building communities.

8. Social Media Advertising

This is different to managing social media channels. Business owners often pay digital marketers to advertise through Facebook and Instagram because they lack the time or the know-how. There’s a knack to it! But you don’t need a degree in marketing or a background in advertising – you can learn these skills in an online course.

Done well, returns in profile and/or profit for a business can be big, so you can earn $1,000 – $2,000 per client.


  • You’ll need to monitor your ad campaigns (and potentially adjust them) after setup, but this doesn’t require a lot of time, so you can take on multiple projects.
  • Honing this skill and seeing the results of things you try online will be useful in your own venture.
Coaching motivational quote

9. Start a Coaching or Consulting Business

If you have a lot of expertise in any given area, consulting can be very rewarding – and lucrative. Naturally, one-on-one learning comes with a premium price tag, particularly for executive coaches.

Life coaches are increasingly in demand (I have used one myself), but you can coach people on almost any subject, from health to wealth and everything in between. Generally speaking, the more complex the problem you’re helping with, the higher the hourly rate.

There are different certifications available to increase your credibility. You could also look to join a group of existing coaches or consultants.


  • You can decide your hourly rate (and later increase/decrease it if your calendar becomes too busy/quiet)
  • There are scheduling apps like Calendly, which let you block out time and let clients choose appointments without any back and forth.

10. Influencer Marketing

This option takes time, as you need to build a brand and an audience by posting engaging content. You can choose one platform, like YouTube, but reposting on others, like social media accounts, a blog, and a podcast, opens up greater access to an audience. There are multiple options when choosing content to create, including how-to tips, interviews, comedy, and product reviews, suggestions or comparisons.

You can earn through sponsored content and affiliate links and, when you reach a certain level of views and followers, via ad income.


  • Many platforms, like social media and YouTube, are free to join and upload content.
  • Although it’s a slow build, this option can grow your profile and revenue sky-high.

11. Drop shipping business

The great thing about a dropshipping business is that entry is very affordable, as you don’t need a big warehouse or any inventory. You don’t even have to create your own product to sell online. You just need to source a pre-existing product from a supplier, who will also take care of packaging and delivery. Your job is to drive traffic to your storefront.


  • You can start your own dropshipping business quickly – and you can start small
  • You’re never left with unsold stock
  • It eliminates the risk of only finding a small market for your product
Artwork being created

12. Sell Your Art Online

Whether you’re a painter, potter, musician or photographer, you have lots of options to start selling. From canvasses to prints, photos to posters, T-shirts to ceramics, and songs to samples. For instance, if you paint, you can obviously sell your original canvasses. But you can also sell prints (in different sizes), digital files and unlimited merchandise with your artwork printed on.


  • You actually get to do what you love for a living
  • When you sell products, you’ll get your work into people’s homes and get them talking about you (doing your marketing for you)
  • You can let others look after the selling, packaging and fulfilment

13. Print-on-Demand T-shirts

You can upload your designs, quotes, artwork etc., onto T-shirts and other garments, like hooded tops, using Amazon’s Merch On Demand content creator.

Amazon Merch on Demand logo

They’ll create a product page on Amazon, and when a customer buys your product, they’ll handle all the order fulfilment. Alternatives include RedBubble, which has over 30 million monthly visitors and includes products like phone cases, tote bags and laptop sleeves. I bought some stickers through RedBubble recently and had them on my desk 3 days later.


  • It’s print-on-demand, so there are no upfront costs and no inventory required.
  • If you’ve already created designs for other projects, you can repurpose them and make a profit.
  • You don’t need a website to start selling

14. Become a Freelance Writer, Designer or Developer

You’ll use the skill you’ve been honing over many years to help people with their businesses. You can choose what kind of field to work in, as well as when and where you work. You can either create your own store or use a marketplace like Fiverr, Upwork, Freelancer or 99designs. You can even use freelance work as a stepping stone to starting your own website while you build up a portfolio of clients.


  • You can create long-term relationships and clients
  • You can pick and choose what you work on
  • You’ll be able to build a portfolio of global clients
  • Exposure to different business sectors might open up unexpected passions
A graphic designer working on his computer creating freelance artwork, one of many sidehustles from home

15. Graphic Designer

As well as designs you can sell on demand, there have never been more outlets to sell your skills as a graphic designer. Fiverr is the most popular, but 99designs is targeted specifically at design and generally pays better.


  • You can choose your own price and have a scale depending on the workload
  • It’s a great stepping stone to potentially starting your own online agency, building a portfolio of work to showcase later
  • Later, you can sell products featuring your designs and grow your own brand

16. Teach an Online Course

You have knowledge. Even if you don’t think so, there’ll be a subject you know more about than most people – and that’s enough. Plus, if you’re a midlifer, you’ll have tons of knowledge and real-world experience that people are willing to pay for. As with freelancing, you can either set up your own site and record videos using a screencasting app like Screenflow – or you can use a platform like Udemy to look after all the backend stuff. This one requires more effort upfront, but once it’s done you could have years of passive income.

Screenshot of Udemy's website


  • One of the best forms of passive income – set and forget
  • You already have the knowledge – you just need to share it
  • You’ll be able to repurpose this information into other products, like self-published books
  • Becoming a good teacher along the way is also satisfying, but could also open up further opportunities

17. Flip Things You Find in Antique Stores

If you love nothing better than finding hidden gems in thrift stores or antique shops, you can sell your treasures online for extra cash. Once again, you can either use another platform like eBay, Facebook Marketplace or set up your own website. You could forge a reputation as a great curator of vintage treasures that creates repeat business.


  • If you’re going to be doing it anyway, why not make some extra money from it?
  • Profit margins can be big
  • Nobody else will create a collection like yours, so you’re offering something unique

18. Publish Your Own Book

Once upon a time, you had to get an agent and then a publishing deal to get your name on the bestseller lists. Now, the barrier to entry is far lower. You can release your manuscript as a digital download – either through Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing or using an app like Digital Downloads to sell through your own website. You can also use an on-demand book printing service like Blurb.

Screenshot of the Blurb website


  • Having written a book positions you as an expert and gives you authority on a subject
  • It can open doors to other opportunities like speaking engagements
  • A digital book that does really well can lead to a print publishing deal
  • Self-publishing can be fast (for sale the day after you’ve finished writing)
  • People who read your book may connect with your online business or follow you on social media

19. Start a Blog

If you like writing, building an engaged and loyal audience will come easier… with the potential for multiple revenue streams – sponsored posts, third-party ads, affiliate marketing, or selling your own products and courses. You can even set it up as a subscription model with recurring monthly income. However, ranking on search engines can take many months, and the effort is typically front-loaded at the start. You can turn one of your interests into a business, like food, fashion or travel.


  • It is the most passive of passive income
  • Growth is potentially unlimited – some people make 8-figures annually
  • You can grow your personal profile as well as your business

20. Build Apps or Websites

If you’re already tech-savvy, you can quickly learn to build websites, thanks to the advances in WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) builders like Wix and Squarespace. There are also mobile apps, Shopify apps, themes, templates and digital products – either working to order or selling products in your own store.


  • This is a growing market
  • There’s an ever-increasing number of platforms and systems to work on

21. Launch a Podcast

If you’ve been put off by the thought of having to spend a fortune on a home studio, you’ll be surprised to hear that you can be ready to submit your first episode for less than $150. You just need a microphone, recording and editing software (Audacity is free), and media hosting (Buzzsprout costs $12/month). You can also add cover artwork so that it looks professional when displayed on Apple Podcasts and elsewhere (from $10 on Fiverr) and some intro music (again, Fiverr will find you a bespoke track costing from $20).

Screenshot of the Audacity website

This is a great way to build your brand (personal, business or both) and can be monetized through ads, sponsorship, and affiliate links in your podcast descriptions.

Some platforms you can upload your podcast to have free plans, and most offer paid premium plans that support listener subscriptions and ad revenue splits.


  • This is a great way to extend your professional network, and your profile or that of your business
  • You can build a worldwide audience that may not have found you through other media
  • You can use and express your personality to bond with your audience and create raving fans

22. Launch a YouTube Channel

This can be a slow start because your channel needs to hit a threshold of subscribers and video views before you start making ad revenue from YouTube’s Partner Program. However, as YouTube is also a search engine (just like Google), it opens up another shop window for your brand. It can be a great way to grow your profile and drive revenue for your products, like courses, books and affiliate programs.


  • You can generate revenue at the same time as growing your personal or brand profile
  • You can build your authority and consumer trust by showing what you know, as well as your personality
  • The bar to entry is very low – you can film on your phone
  • You don’t even have to appear on-screen
  • YouTube is free to join, and you can upload unlimited videos without any fees.

23. Create Your Own Website

The route to making money online is helping people. Money (and personal fulfilment) comes from providing value. Create an online resource of great value, and you could grow an audience that’ll provide you with a healthy monthly income from display ad revenue. Google AdSense is easy to join and straightforward to use. Higher-paying ad management platforms like AdThrive and Mediavine require a minimum of 100,000 monthly visitors.


  • Creating content week in, week out is easy when the subject is something you know and care about
  • Your site can be your shop window for other revenue streams, like books, courses, digital or physical products
  • You can also grow your own profile by having a central hub for all your products.

24. Affiliate Website

Sometimes known as digital marketing. You can earn money without ever creating your own products. You sell other people’s! Refer your visitors to products on other sites and earn a commission on each sale. Join their affiliate programs and then create posts that showcase or compare some of those products. As with any site, you’ll need to choose which topic or niche you want to write about. You’ll need to consider how popular it is, how competitive, and how in demand the products are (as well as how much commission you could make on each).


  • You can add this revenue stream to your existing website
  • You don’t need to create your own products
  • Most products have an affiliate program (though they don’t all pay the same)

25. Start a Newsletter

This is an alternative way of writing posts for a living and reduces the risks from the volatility of changes in search engine algorithms. By charging for the content you write, you need a lot fewer subscribers. For instance, if you charge $5 per month, you only need 100 subscribers to make a decent living. You can get started quickly and easily by joining a platform like Substack

Screenshot of the Substack website

Alternatively, you can monetize with ads or affiliate offers instead. Or do both!


  • You own the list of paying subscribers – you can reach them at any time
  • The traffic your newsletter generates can’t be taken away from you like it can if a search engine bans you or marks down your website
  • It’s another way to diversify your earnings

26. Paid Online Surveys & App Testing

This revenue won’t be enough to live on, but it could earn you extra money each month to start your new business, e.g. pay for your web hosting fees. Taking online surveys with You Gov, Community Linker InboxPounds and BrandedSurveys earn cash. Others, like SurveyJunkie, will pay you through PayPal, Venmo, or CashApp. And companies like Swagbucks, which pays you for interacting with specific websites or apps, award you points that you can redeem for free gift cards from famous brands like Amazon.


  • It’s relatively easy money
  • You don’t need to find space in your schedule – you can mostly do these in your spare time with a full-time job
  • Sometimes, you get to evaluate new products or product ideas nobody’s seen before

27. Online Interviews

Taking it a step further… if you’re prepared to join online focus groups or be interviewed by phone or online for your feedback on products and services, you could earn up to $125 for an hour or two of your time. Sign up for free to User Interviews and fill in your personal profile to be sent projects that you can apply for (involving a short online survey). The frustrating thing is that you won’t get picked for the majority you apply for, but when you finally get $40 for filling in a survey that took 20 minutes, you’ll feel a lot happier about it. Respondent is another option offering anywhere from $10 to $1,500, though the average seems to be about $50-$100 for each project.

Screenshot of the Respondent website
  • You’ll be given a specific date in advance, but you can just pass and pick the next project if you can’t make it – though, helpfully, you’ll sometimes be given a range of days
  • The tasks often take less time than advertised, so you get even more buck for your bang
  • Again, you can do this in your free time alongside your day job

28. Online Video Course

Make some extra money from your knowledge or expertise by creating a course around it. You can either host it on your own website or use another platform like Udemy, which will give you access to almost 50 million students. After Udemy, Skillshare is the next biggest online course marketplace. Others include Thinkific and Podia. The costs in time and production are all upfront, but the resulting income is passive, and earnings can be good over time.


  • You only need your phone and relatively cheap screen-capture software, like Loom or Camtasia.
  • Having your own course lends you credibility and authority in your market
  • Once recorded, you could earn passive income for many years after
  • It’s much easier to diversify your income, making your source material into eBooks, tweets, blog posts, other online courses and, of course, YouTube videos.
  • Many platforms don’t charge for hosting your course, only taking a percentage cut when you make a sale.

29. Tutoring

Have you ever thought about using your knowledge to teach students online? It might be easier than you think. To apply with Chegg, you need to supply two forms of ID to prove your identity, and then, depending on the subject you want to teach, Chegg may ask you to complete some tests to prove your knowledge. Wyzant lets you set your rate and then retains 25% as a fee. To put that in context, Varsity Tutors only lets you keep 15%.


  • You can choose who you work with and, subject to agreeing times with your students, you can work when and where you want
  • You can also teach students in different time zones, which means you can make money all hours of the day or night.
  • You can scale your hours to what feels comfortable for you by taking on more students – or not
  • You may be able to do this in your spare time, as younger students will only be available at the end of the day after school

30. Teaching English as a Second Language

Niching it down further is teaching English via video link. English is still the most spoken language on the planet, so demand is always high. You can make, on average, $15 – $25/hour on Preply, up to $24/hour on VIP Kid or $12 – $16 per half-hour lesson with Qkids. In addition, italki lets you teach more than 150 other languages. There are some requirements, though. Some sites require certification, and VIP Kids requires a Bachelor’s degree of some kind.

Screenshot of the Preply website displaying a quote about how to make money without leaving home


  • You can set your own schedule and teach when you want. And there’s no minimum hours requirement.
  • A lesson plan is often provided for you, so you can focus on teaching, and grading is also taken care of. Many sites help you to improve your teaching skills.

31. Selling Your Skills & Services

You can create your website as a shop window for selling what you do best. Becoming a consultant means trading your time for money, so it isn’t passive but means you can work when, from where, and for whom you want. Next, you’ll need to decide whether you charge for one-off consultations by the hour or whether it’s ongoing help charged weekly/monthly. Start by adding a ‘work with me’ page on your website.


  • You get to decide how much to charge for your time
  • You’ll forge relationships with clients that could create other opportunities and open doors for you
  • Repeat customers could become a source of recurring annual income

32. Selling Printables

This definitely is a way to make passive income. If you’re an artist or designer, uploading your digital files to Etsy exposes you to an instant audience ready to buy. You can translate your hobby, skill or idea into something you can make money from while you sleep – whether it’s selling templates you’ve made, planners, trackers, coloring books or home décor and wall art.

Screenshot of the Etsy website


  • You don’t have to spend time fulfilling orders – Etsy will do it all for you
  • There are no shipping costs
  • Once you’ve created your products, they can sell forever

33. Consulting on Another Platform

Using someone else’s platform, like Clarity.fm, you don’t even need your own website. You may not think yourself an ‘expert’, but if you know enough about a subject that others might pay for, hop on and set up your profile. Clarity puts people in touch with experts and charges a per-minute rate for consultations.

Alternatively, try MeetEm, Coach.me or Growth Mentor.


  • You don’t need your own platform or software to reach people. Clarity even provides the conference line
  • If you know more about a subject than most people, then you’re an expert

34. Mystery Shopper

You can get paid to provide feedback when you shop online or in-store and test products and services. You might also be asked to call a store in advance to see how employees answer the phone. Most mystery shopping companies, like The Secret Shopper,  iSecretShop, and Field Agent, are free to join.

Shoppers often get paid a flat fee for completing the job and following all the directions. Some pay cash, others via PayPal or direct debit, and some through gift cards. If the job requires you to make a purchase, the company that hired you will reimburse you.


  • You can make around $15 to $30 per assignment, but some assignments pay as much as $100, depending on the complexity
  • If you sign up with multiple companies, you can increase your chances of getting more work
  • You can choose your own hours, and it’s a relatively easy way to make money

35. Reselling on Amazon

Taking advantage of Amazon’s FBA program (Fulfilment By Amazon), you don’t have to ship anything, handle returns or write product descriptions. You do need to pay Amazon’s fees and shipping costs, but just factor them in when you price your products. Get started with a free Amazon Seller Central account and app. You can still sell your products on eBay and Shopify and have Amazon ship them to those customers using the JoeLister tool

You can sell your own products or source other people’s. If you find a great deal in a store and, using the information on the Amazon sellers’ app, you think you can make a profit reselling on Amazon, you’re in business.


  • You don’t need to store the inventory or worry about fulfilment – Amazon looks after all the logistics
  • You can start small and be up and running in days
  • Using your profits to buy further stock, this business can be scaled as high as you want

36. Online Arbitrage

Alternatively, you can buy inventory from an online store and resell it on another. Beware, some stores don’t like it when you buy up all their stock and can block you, but many others allow resellers to buy in bulk. Again, you can let Amazon take care of fulfilment or ship them yourself from home. To limit your risk, Keepa is a free tool that allows you to see the price history of Amazon products. I use it every day. Tactical Arbitrage starts at $50/month but will save you time manually looking at online stores and sourcing the best products in seconds.


  • You can test products by buying in small numbers to begin and seeing how quickly they sell before committing to more
  • You can do this for an hour or two a day to see if it’s for you and still be profitable

37. Kindle Publishing

Despite the upfront workload, being able to say that you’re a (self) published author is incredibly rewarding. And subsequent royalties can continue for many years. There are lots of courses available, or you can just start writing. There are some costs along the way if you take the recommended path: the cost of a copy editor or proof-reader is between $0.02 and $0.04 per word (at Fiverr.com), a cover design costs from $100 upwards (at 100 Covers), and you might want to consider advertising on Amazon from $3/day if you don’t have a ready-made audience to sell your book to.

Screenshot of the 100 Covers website

If you choose not to sell exclusively with Kindle, other outlets include Barnes & Noble Press, Lulu and Smashwords.


  • Publishing a book is the best way to grow your perceived authority on any given subject
  • By choosing a very small niche category, you can become an Amazon #1 bestseller
  • It opens the door to other opportunities, like workshops and public speaking events
  • You can repurpose blog posts, newsletters or other material you’ve written – and vice versa
  • Publishing to most eBook platforms is free (they take a percentage of each sale to make money).

38. Part-Time Remote Work

If you’re looking to work from home (WFH) but on a more reliable basis, there are freelance and part-time jobs posted on sites like Flexjobs. They charge a monthly recurring fee of $25.

Flexa is free and focuses on flexible companies that allow WFH, giving each job posted a flexibility score, amongst other useful company information.


  • You can rely on a more sustainable income, perhaps choosing this option for a few days a week while you build up your own business
  • Between these different sites, all types of jobs are covered in all sectors

39. Proofreading

If you enjoy reading and have an eye for detail on the written page, this can be a good option. You can add your profile and sell your services on a platform like Fiverr or Upwork. If you don’t have any previous experience or training, all is not lost. If you take the Knowadays Proofreader course for $399 (there’s also a free trial) and score 80% or more on the test at the end, you get the opportunity to work with Proofed on an initial trial basis, possibly leading to a freelance position.


  • If punctuation and syntax come easily to you, and you enjoy reading, the work will be interesting and easier than for most people
  • It’s something you can dip in and out of, and you can truly be anywhere while you work

40. Content Editor

If you have strong writing skills and a great eye for detail, content editing is a bit like proofreading. The difference is that you’ll rewrite content to align with your client’s style/brand guidelines, tone of voice and appropriate length – as well as the requisite tidying up, polishing, and picking up any spelling and grammatical errors before publication. You might also be asked to optimize it for SEO and upload it to your client’s website.

These are things you can learn before you offer your services. A background in media, marketing, advertising or publishing will help you.

You’ll need some examples of your work to show clients, so start creating a portfolio. And once you’ve got your first couple of clients, you can include this paid work, which should make it easier to get more clients.

You can find work on platforms like Fiverr and Upwork, as well as with publishers, online and media companies.


  • Content editors often work with minimal supervision and greater autonomy.
  • This level of independence gives you greater freedom to set your own hours.

41. Fiverr Freelancing

Speaking of Fiverr, it’s the world’s largest marketplace for digital services. They connect businesses with freelancers in over 500 categories. So, if you have skills, you could set up your profile and price and start getting work. You can start at $5 (as the name suggests), but some services cost upwards of $1,000 – and it’s a guaranteed fixed price, no low-ball bidding.

Screenshot of the Fiverr website


  • This is something you can do part-time, after work or at weekends, depending on turnaround time
  • You can build relationships with people that turn into recurring annual income. I liked the first logo designer I ever used on Fiverr and have gone back to her again and again
  • You don’t need to worry about outside marketing or building an online profile

42. Freelance Writer

While AI may ultimately reduce the number of writers in this sector, with so many different types of copy, demand will always be there. From online content to marketing, product descriptions, advertising, social media, eBooks, and more, good creative writers with original thinking will find outlets. Platforms like Fiverr, Freelancer and Upwork cover multiple writing formats, while ProBlogger has a jobs board mainly focusing on blogging.

Once you’ve got some examples of your work, you can showcase it by uploading your portfolio for free on a content marketing platform like Clippings or Contently.


  • This takes location independence to a new level – working underground on the metro, at 35,000 feet on a plane, or almost anywhere. You just need a laptop
  • There are lots of avenues open to a versatile writer – and freelance writing gigs

43. Dividend Investing

One of the tenets of financial independence: rather than you working for money, make your money work for you.

It’s another form of passive income but does require capital. If you invest money, first decide how much you’ll need. Of course, there’s no guarantee that companies will pay out, but finding the ones that have a history of paying good dividends can mean a regular quarterly income. Opening a brokerage account is the first step – from more expensive full-service stockbrokers to low-fee online discount brokers. Many brokerage firms allow you to open an account with no upfront deposit. You can transfer money into and out of them like a bank account, but remember that any side hustle income is taxable.


  • The most passive way to extra income
  • You can invest as much as you want and can pull your money out at any time

44. Craigslist Gigs

If you look at the bottom right of the Craigslist homepage, you’ll see a section marked ‘gigs’. Here you can find listings for services people are looking for that don’t require you to leave your computer screen. There are headings like ‘writing’, ‘creative’ and ‘computer’ filled with gigs that need filling immediately.


  • You can apply to listings straight away and be working the same day
  • The price is always supplied, so there’s no need for any awkward negotiating or time-wasting

45. Home Storage

If you’ve got storage space at home, you could rent it out. Storage depots are expensive and not always located conveniently in your neighbourhood. Neighbor and Stashbee connect people in your area with others who have a driveway, garage, yard, spare room or loft where they can store their tools/files/sofa/car/RV/trailer/boat… you get the idea. StowIt caters for people with a larger available space.

Screenshot of the Neighbor website


  • If you’ve got spare space just sitting there, might as well put it to work
  • Minimal effort required, which could earn you thousands in annual passive income

46. Rent Out Your Spare Room

Not an online business, but it’s an obvious way to make money from your sofa, renting out a spare room, top floor or basement. Though not without its downsides, having a stranger in your home, I mention this option because I know someone who makes enough to live off. You could certainly pay your bills with the proceeds or fund other online side hustles.

Airbnb is the site everyone knows, but you could also try Vrbo or Agoda if you’re thinking of renting out your entire home.


  • It can be possible to live off your rental income while you’re living in a much cheaper country like Mexico or Thailand.    

47. Transcription Service

Podcasts and YouTube videos are booming and need closed captions or written transcripts. A marketplace like Rev charges $1.50 per minute of audio or video with a 24-hour average turnaround time. Other sites like TranscribeMe charge less, starting at $15 per hour, but say that, on average, transcribers earn $250/month with them.

There are lots of opportunities in the legal and medical industries, though you will need to be trained and certified. Hourly rates are higher, as a result, up to $45, depending on your speed and skill level. Once you have your certification, you can try sites like Rev.


  • You can truly work anywhere
  • You can do it in your spare time if you choose a short 2-minute clip to translate
  • You can gain insight in various industries and boost your resume

48. Building websites

According to Forbes, a new website is built every three seconds. It’s a skill that takes time to learn, which is why most people leave it to the professionals. However, if you build your own site (and maintain it, regularly adding posts), you’re potentially someone in demand. I knew nothing when I built my first site, but now I can put a simple one together in a day or two. If I asked my friends and family to ask their friends, I bet they could find my first paying client. You could offer a discounted rate in exchange for a little patience and the odd rookie mistake.

Screenshot of the Bluehost website


  • The tools for setting up a website can be incredibly cheap, if not free. Any fixed costs (which can also be very low), like hosting fees (see Bluehost for cheap deals), can be passed on to the client
  • You can use your experience creating an online profile for yourself to create another source of income
  • You can even literally use what you’ve created as the shop window to sell your services online.

49. Sell Your Photos

Licensing is one of the most popular ways to sell your photos online. There are lots of stock photo sites to choose from, but Alamy allows you to sell photos you’ve taken on your phone. There are no long-term contracts, and you can receive up to 50% of sales. You can expect to learn less at Shutterstock, but it’s a great place to start if you’re learning the ropes.

Alternatively, set up your own Etsy online store. You’ll need to invest in marketing your store to make the most out of the platform, but Etsy only takes 5% of the transaction price.


  • If you’re always taking photos, or your friends say you have ‘the knack’, it’s easy to get set up and start making money from your hobby
  • Every time you take a great snap, you could be increasing your earnings for years to come

50. Sell Your Old Books

Garage sales are a great way of making extra cash when you get some spare time. If you do decide to de-clutter your home, you’ll probably be left with unsold items which you can sell on Facebook Marketplace. Or perhaps books. With an existing platform such as Amazon, you don’t need to worry about building a website or creating an online order system for your unwanted books – and you can start with just a few tomes. However, there are more hoops to jump through and higher fees. Booksrun will buy and then resell your books later, meaning you don’t have to wait for a buyer. Shipping is free (you can print off a pre-paid label), and you get paid four days after your books have been received.


  • You can ask friends and family if they’ve got any old books they want to clear out
  • Once you’ve Marie Kondo’d your home, you can sell her book and get some of your money back!
  • You can pick up really cheap books from charity stores and resell them (even giving some of the profits back to those charities!)

51. Become an Online Tester

Video games, apps and other online products need to be extensively tested before they reach the market. You can be paid to share your experiences and perspectives. With UserTesting, you need to have a practice test approved before you start receiving notifications about test opportunities. You’ll get paid through PayPal seven days after submitting your feedback.


  • If you only have an hour to spare, you can still fit in online testing
  • You can get the inside track on new products

52. Online Guided Tours

You’ve probably taken a guided tour in a city somewhere in the world. Well, how about being paid to give a tour… while never leaving your desk? You can record an audio tour for VoiceMap, which is offered for sale on their platform for people wanting to explore at their own pace.


  • As they say, knowledge is money – and nobody knows your city better than the people who live there
  • It could also be fun having friends or family listening to your voice as they come visit you and take a tour

53. Music Licensing

Most people think of writing songs, getting signed, and selling albums as the way to make money in the music business. But, there is another way: production music. And it’s easier to make than you think. You don’t need a studio or even any instruments. You can create sounds and replicate instruments digitally on your computer. I’ve done this myself, and there’s no more fulfilling feeling than creating something from nothing that actually sounds pretty decent.

There are lots of sites selling stock music (also called royalty-free music), but often they’ll only work with professional musicians or those with a large audience. So, for beginners, try Pond5, Audiocrowd or AudioJungle.

Screenshot of the Pond5 website

Alternatively, you can pitch your tracks to music supervisors on TV shows, movies and ad agencies – either directly or through an agent. For this, the quality of your music needs to be higher, but then so are the potential rewards.


  • The market for reasonably-priced licensable music keeps on growing, thanks to the growth of online platforms like podcasts, YouTube channels, websites etc.
  • All the effort is front-loaded, but after you’ve created your music, you can sell it over and over again for many years to come and on multiple (non-exclusive) sites and platforms.

54. Rent Out Your Car or Bike

If you own a vehicle, whether it’s a car, motorcycle or scooter, you could turn it into a business by renting it out. On a platform like Turo, insurance for your car is included, and their customer base has been pre-screened. For a bike, there’s Riders Share. List your ride with a description, some photos and your availability and you’re ready to go. Electronic payments are made three days after rental completion.


  • Another form of passive income from a depreciating asset that you already own.
  • Some people have used the profits to buy another vehicle to rent out.

55. Become a Virtual Assistant

Whatever your skill set, there’s a high demand for VAs across all industries. From graphic design, marketing and writing to social media management and book-keeping.

Some people are looking for more of a general PA kind of VA. Typical tasks will be more admin-based, including arranging travel bookings, writing and sending emails, handling appointments and tasks, and data entry. If you’re organised and tech-savvy, this will come more easily to you.

Either way, you can market your services on ChatterBoss, Flexjobs, Upwork and TaskRabbit.

Income depends on the kind of tasks you perform and how much time you want to work.


  • You can often manage time around your own schedule to get these tasks done.
  • Once you gain someone’s trust and meet their expectations, they will often increase your tasks and hours, should you want it, without needing to seek other opportunities.
  • You can learn a lot from your clients, and it can help you launch your own business, subsequently.

56. Tech Set-Up Services

There’s at least a whole generation which struggles with technology – and younger people who’ve been brought up with it have a lower tolerance of newbies. As a result, getting advice from a midlifer is usually preferred.

Screenshot of the TaskRabbit website

You can market your services to your community on social media platforms or on apps like TaskRabbit or freelance tech support service HelloTech. You can also take a course to get certified and boost your credibility.


  • Technology is constantly changing, with new products launching or being updated every week, so you’re never going to run out of things to teach.
  • You can start small and expand into new areas.


Why an online business?

– Passive income
– Minimal capital to start
– Work from anywhere
– Choose your own hours

What is a side hustle?

A side hustle is any work that you do to earn extra money in your spare time. It’s different from having a second job because having a side hustle means being your own boss. Lots of people have a side hustle to help them earn extra income and develop new skills. It’s often what people mean when they talk about the gig economy. The best hustle ideas don’t just earn a few extra bucks but can be scaled over time, so you can replace your full-time job with your side hustle job. Financial freedom!

How can I make extra money?

The best side hustle jobs for you will depend on your skills, interests, experience and personal goals. Where all 4 areas overlap is where the gold is. For some side hustlers, that might mean freelance work or reselling products. For others, it could be building a website, online course, or software tool.

How do I start a side hustle?

Make a list of side hustle ideas. Ultimately, you want your day job to become your side hustle job, so you want to find something that motivates you and gets you excited when you sit at your laptop. Narrow down the list to the ideas that are most likely to make money. Because that’s why you’re here. Too many people forget about that bit and just choose something they’re passionate about. So, do your research and validate your idea to ensure there’s an audience or market for it… and then go for it!

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